Rock Salt – 20kg bags – Low Prices – Don’t Slip Up, Order Now!

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Don’t slip up this winter, order your Rock Salt direct from The Salt Depot.

We supply UK produced rock salt in Handipaks (approx 20kg bags), large bags (approx 25kg bags) and bulk bags (approx 500kgs and 900kgs). We also supply white de-icing salt in 25kg bags and bulk bags approx 800kgs.

Each Handipak bag should cover approx 10-12 car park spaces (evenly spread)

This listing is for Handipak bags (approx 20kg bags)

Goods would be delivered to kerbside. Please note delivery drivers will be unable to move pallets over soft ground (grass, gravel etc)


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Rock Salt Handipaks

60 x Rock Salt Handipaks, 50 x Rock Salt Handipaks, 40 x Rock Salt Handipaks, 30 x Rock Salt Handipaks, 20 x Rock Salt Handipaks